May 31, 2018

Why Your Website May Have a High Bounce Rate

Website Bounce Rates

We all understand that the very first place a person or organization goes to learn about your business is to your website.  it is, without doubt, the go-to source of information about your company and products.

The problem with the vast majority of websites is that they start in the wrong spot.  Almost all websites start with what we do and how we do it rather than why we exist, the problems we solve why we are different and better, and what an ideal customer looks like.

The problem with what we do, in most cases, is that it does not explain your value proposition, which is “the reason a person or company should buy from you and not from someone else”.   Personally, if I go to a website, there are a number of questions that I want answered very quickly before I will spend more time on the site.  These are:

  • What problems do you solve for me?
  • What benefits do you provide to me?
  • What kind of customer are you looking for? (Demographics as well as decision criteria)
  • Why are you different and better than any alternative I may be considering?
  • What outcomes do you provide to me (if appropriate)?


The other problem with “what we do and how we do it” is that it all sounds the same to the casual observer.  I get bored within 15 seconds on these sites that state “we do this and we do that”.  Who doesn’t?  And, so I leave the site.  And we wonder why we have such a high bounce rate.  Duh!!!  Many people tell me: “It’s there.  All you need to do is click on this tab and then select this option and then click on this link.”  So, you make your buyer hunt for the reason that they should buy from you?  Really?

When building your site, you need to think about the logical and emotional sequence of capturing the interest and imagination of your potential buyer.

I suggest starting with your corporate manifesto:

We are <company name>

We believe that <what do you believe to be true>

The main problems in the industry or application area we serve are <list the top three meaningful challenges that you solve>

This causes the following bad result <what impact does this have on the buying organization>

We are for organizations that want <list your buying criteria>

We do this <OK, now the part you are most comfortable with, which is what you do>

We are different because <list your differentiation and why you are better than the alternatives>

We produce these outcomes <if appropriate, what results can you prove>

We provide the following benefits <improved blank, reduced blank>

We are <company name>.  Contact us to learn how we will make your life better.

I would contact that company, because they showed ME how this will help ME and answered MY critical questions in the right sequence.

Start with why, then tell what, then tell how.  It’s that simple.  But no one does it because they can’t wait to tell you what they do and how it works.  Boring.  Please stop.