What We Do

Arbor Dakota is a company dedicated to growing Great Ideas into Great Companies. Simply put, we help early stage companies implement growth strategy which will in turn, enhance shareholder value.  We love the dirty, messy ugly part of getting campy off the ground and helping attract customers, employees and investors.

We focus on early stage tech companies and have particular expertise with “Software as a Service” (SaaS) businesses. We help these companies with their growth acceleration strategies, strategic marketing plans (How to Win) and sales discipline. We understand that the holy grail to valuation is high growth, profitable companies that have recurring and defensible revenues.

We have combined years of technology experience and knowledge in early stage companies with practical strategies and tools that have proven to create exciting companies with great referenceable customers, outstanding growth rates, and high valuations. We have experienced the “end game” and know how to implement a plan to get from “resource-constrained” to “high growth/profitable”.

And most importantly, we will help you to think differently about your business. We are experts at Blue Ocean Strategy development and know how to disrupt markets and help you take on entrenched and fierce competitors and make them irrelevant. We love the challenge.


Because building a product is easy.  Building a company around that product is the hard part.  And many entrepreneurs don’t understand this and then find themselves in the “Trough of Sorrow” where they are struggling with market traction, attracting talent and investment, and the day-to-day challenges of being an early-stage Founder/CEO.

Our Target Audience

Arbor Dakota Strategies will have appeal to any organization that is not thrilled with its current growth rate and is looking to accelerate that growth or that does not have the time, resources or staff to fully focus on growth acceleration and market disruption strategies.  We specialize in early-stage tech companies and our ideal customer is a Founder/CEO or executive who recognizes the need for growth of their business but wishes to do so more quickly and not make the myriad of mistakes that most companies make getting to scale.