Training Courses Available from Arbor Dakota

Arbor Dakota has experience at formal consulting and training programs for entrepreneurs. We have been providing training for venture capital firms, accelerators and incubators and their portfolio companies for more than 12 years and have a wealth of course materials to choose from. We also teach at the University of Michigan Center for Entrepreneurship (Building Killer Entrepreneurial Teams, Entrepreneurial Sales and Entrepreneurial Marketing). And we have conducted private training for organizations of all size. Below is a listing of the courses that can be offered. We normally do between a one hour and two and a half hour training program followed by individual office hour sessions for participants.  We also have video training available for a CEO Master Class for Entrepreneurs and a Sales Master Class for Entrepreneurs.


  • CEO Master Class – 10 Topic Video Series Click Here to Learn More

  • Responsibilities of Early Stage CEO
  • 5 Stages of CEO Evolution
  • Characteristics of a Good Entrepreneurial CEO
  • Evaluating CEO Performance
  • How to Build a Killer Entrepreneurial Team
  • Implementing Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Strategy Development, Communications and Execution
  • Implementing OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) That Drive Performance
  • Biggest and Most-Costly Entrepreneurial Challenges
  • Metrics That All SaaS Companies Need to Understand
  • Building, Communicating and Working with a Board
  • Executing a Startup Turnaround
  • Creating a Culture of Innovation
  • Five Critical Business Priorities of all B2B Companies and How To Implement Them
  • Finding Work-Life Balance as an Entrepreneur
  • Using Mentors To Create Value and Solve Challenges
  • Financial Reporting That Drives Performance
  • Decision Making in Tough Times


  • Sales Master Class – 15 topic Video Series click here to learn more

  • Sales Essentials for Entrepreneurs
  • Developing The Right Entrepreneurial Content

  • Essential Steps for Entrepreneurial Companies to Beat and Displace Established Competitors
  • The Importance of Challenger Sales for Early-Stage Companies…with Implementation
  • Building a Sales Process That Gets Prospects To the Finish Line
  • Building a Killer Product Demonstration That Results in Customers Buying
  • Sales Presentations That Engage Buyers
  • Building and Implementing a Successful Partner Program
  • The Challenges of Selling Market Disruption
  • Implementing a Land and Expand Strategy That Works

  • Hiring Your First Salesperson
  • Everyone Loves Your Product Until They Have to Pay For It
  • How To Successfully Launch a New Product
  • 20 Reasons Your Startup Isn’t Getting Customers (and what to do about them)
  • Scaling Your Business (How and When)
  • 15 Things Sales Expects From Marketing
  • Creating a Quality Sales Operations Function
  • Creating an Audit of Your Sales Function to Ensure That You Have Everything You Need For Success
  • Creating an Audit of Your Marketing Function to Ensure That You Have Everything You Need for Success
  • Developing a Pricing Model That Will Work for Your Business


  • Questions All Investors Ask (and how to answer them)

  • Developing a Fundraising Pitch

  • The Reports That All Companies Need to Successfully Raise Money

  • Building a Financial Model That Investors Will Understand and Believe