What References Say:

“We’re proud to have Ted Dacko’s application of the blue ocean process featured in our book Blue Ocean Shift. As CEO, Ted shifted HealthMedia from the red to the blue ocean, transforming the struggling $6 million dollar company to one worth $185 million in just two years. We wish more companies in the technology and healthcare sectors would follow this lead. Three cheers to Ted”

“Without Ted, I would have never moved HealthMedia beyond a science fair project. His marketing expertise, sales expertise, organizational expertise and operational expertise are the best I have ever seen. He is a brilliant business mind and it has always been a pleasure to work with him.” from 2008 Deals of the Year Speech

Vic Strecher, Founder, HealthMedia

“Ted is the type of seasoned CEO that venture capitalists hope to find and partner with for the long haul. His strong leadership and communication skills were invaluable as Chrysalis portfolio company HealthMedia transformed its business model from customized marketing campaigns for pharmaceutical companies into an organization that deployed sophisticated knowledge of behavioral change and advanced communications technology to help individuals improve their health and manage chronic illnesses. The resulting acquisition by Johnson & Johnson produced an outstanding return on our investment, and we continue to call upon Ted’s expertise to assist other companies in our portfolio.”

Koleman Karleski, Managing Director, Chrysalis Ventures

“Ted’s content, training classes and mentoring have been invaluable to help Ann Arbor SPARK tech companies launch and scale. His content is well-received, his classes are full and get great reviews and there is constant demand for his consulting services.”

Bill Mayer, Vice President, Entrepreneurial Services Ann Arbor SPARK

“I have been working with Ted Dacko and Arbor Dakota for approximately 7 months. In my years of education, private practice, and multiple business developments, I have had the opportunity to meet and learn from countless individuals. With that being said, I can tell you that Ted has been the most knowledgeable, informative person I have ever met! He has the ability to see details that no one else can. He thinks outside the box, and guides you towards success. I cannot recommend Ted and Arbor Dakota enough!”

Dr. Joseph Ruggirello, Founder and CEO - Contract Keepers

“In over 25 years in business, I have never worked with someone as creative and as effective a leader and competitor as Ted Dacko. His insights cut through the clutter and yield actionable strategies that bring misery to the competition and outstanding results to the equity holders.”

Eric Montgomery, Founder, Fairfield Partners

“We (Arboretum Ventures) invested in HealthMedia believing that we would be rewarded. We received a ten to one return on our investment within four years of the investment which was a truly great result for our investors, a real homerun. So, I have four words that I would attribute to Ted Dacko ‘Ten to One Return’ .”

Tim Petersen, Partner, Arboretum Ventures

“Ted Dacko is relentless in his quest for collective benefit. He is the opposite of a win/lose thinker. Ted’s word is good; he delivers every time. It is rare to work with an extraordinary strategist, who at the same time has non-negotiable, impeccable standards.”

Anna Silberman, Vice President Preventive Health Services and Clinical Client Relationships, Highmark, Inc.

“Ted’s expertise in building successful technology companies has been a major asset for both our incubator startup clients as well as regional SME’s. His live trainings, conducted through both virtual and in-person formats are effective, well-received and in demand. The trainings are comprehensive, delivered in a straight-forward manner, and provide audiences with strategies and tactics utilizing real-world and personal experiences coupled with proven leading processes and methodologies. We are big fans….Ted has made a real impact!”

Patrick Visser, Chief Commercial Officer, MTEC SmartZone

“I have worked with Ted on two separate occasions. He is outstanding at strategy and execution with early stage software companies. He can make something out of nothing and do it without access to resources. He is a bold marketer and passionate leader with limitless energy. If I were starting another company, I would call Ted.”

Jim Perakis, Former CEO and Chairman, Hyperion Solutions

“I worked with Ted for over 5 years. In short, Ted’s specialty is finding the best people, putting them together, and keeping them there until the best idea wins. In his world, ego trippers, blowhards, yesmen, wallflowers, and shrinking violets need not apply. But bright people who can do good work and defend it are always welcome.”

Monte Montgomery, Hollywood Screenwriter and Author

“Ted Dacko is that rare executive who effortlessly identifies both the clear strategic imperatives along with the marketing and sales tactics necessary to maximize the strategy. He has a profound ability to very quickly uncover the opportunities and the barriers. Ted is an active listener, and knows what to ask the CXO and front-line staff when learning about the business. His candid nature and plain talk will accelerate the launch to your sustainable revenue plan.”

Zachary Fritz, Chief Executive Officer, Health Ingegrated, Former Vice President Healthcare Sales, HealthMedia, a division of Johnson & Johnson

“I contracted with Ted to help me evolve our strategy at GoNoodle. I have been impressed with both the creativity and the practicality of his thinking. He has made a real difference in our business as a board member and consultant and helping us to think differently. Plus, he does what he says he is going to do, when he says he is going to do it. He’s not afraid to roll up his sleeves and pitch in on the implementation. That’s important to a busy CEO.”

Scott McQuigg, CEO, GoNoodle

“Ted is one of the most creative business strategist that I ever met. He has an uncanny ability to know exactly what to do with start-ups. His diverse background, incredible drive, disruptive thinking and willingness to be hands-on allows a start-up to get a whole management team in one person. That is critical when you are cash starved and need multiple quality resources in a hurry. That’s why I asked him to join me at Orion Micro Systems and why that business relationship was so successful. Ted brings an energy, intelligence and with that is contagious and can immediately transform a team, that’s why I enjoyed working along side of him.”

Tom Ryan, Founder, Orion Micro Systems / President, Future Work Systems

“HealthMedia was a spin-out of the University of Michigan Tech Transfer Office. Ted was brought in during a critical time for the company. Because of his management and skill, the company not only survived, but became a shining success story for us. He fundamentally knows how to grow early stage companies and create winning teams. I wish we had more people with talent like that.”

Ken Nisbet, Executive Director, TechTransfer, The University of Michigan

“Incredible leadership…I can’t think of a better way to describe serial entrepreneur Ted Dacko. He is a guy who simply knows how to get things done. His track record for taking a startup company to a successful exit is exemplified by his most recent success, the acquisition of HealthMedia by Johnson & Johnson. Ted’s next business success could be your startup company. I would recommend that any CEO or VC at an early stage tech company seek him out.”

Michael A. Finney, President & CEO, Ann Arbor SPARK

“Ted is precisely what an early-stage tech CEO needs. He simplifies complexity for me. He helps me better understand the CEO role, the characteristics I need, and the errors that I could make and works with me on all of this. He has the creativity and experience to help me sharpen the message, navigate tough issues and grow the business.”

Christina York, CEO, Spellbound/Altality

“Ted has changed the way we think about our business. Every single day we are using something exceptional that came from Ted. Through his insights, strategy and innovation we are sharpening our messaging, increase deal flow and rapidly expanding revenue.”

Gavin Todd, Founder and CEO ShopWindow, Entrepreneur

“Before Ted, I was struggling with the CEO role and the growth of our business. He has helped me focus on critical CEO issues and positioned my company for the growth that we need. He combines consulting, mentoring, eBooks and training into a perfect bundle of relevant offerings. He is invaluable as an experienced mentor. We are so glad to have him work with us.”

Len Gauger, Founder and CEO, Message Blocks

“Ted is an exceptional leader and CEO. As my employer and mentor, he encouraged me to be innovative and creative, while being mindful of the bottom line. As an entrepreneur, his ideas for new ventures and business growth are extremely successful, and his integrity inspires you to rise to new challenges.”

Ashley Diebert, Chief Marketing Officer, Piano

“We contracted with Ted to provide a 90 minute talk to an international team of high performers at ChemTrend. Ted delivered a thought-provoking and inspirational talk on innovation that was well-received by our people. We were extremely satisfied with his content, delivery and energy level. We would definitely invite him back.”

Joan Hartwick, Global Human Resources Project Manager, ChemTrend