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TEDD Talks by Ted Dacko


Building a Culture of Innovation

Every entrepreneur wants to be innovative.  But most entrepreneurs try to be innovative in their thinking about their product, but not innovative about their business.  When it comes to business innovation, most entrepreneurs tend to [...]


Tying the Sales Forecast to the Financial Plan

(This is Part 1 or a 2-Part post) Almost all organizations of any size produce a sales forecast and also a financial forecast.  These are exceptionally critical documents for early stage companies since keeping a [...]


Buyers Fear Change and They Hate Risk

Many entrepreneurs want to disrupt their markets.  They want to revolutionize their industries. They want to provide a radical change in the way a problem is solved.  They believe that the market will rush to [...]


Effective Product Launch

Launching your product is, arguably, the most important function you will undertake with your company.  It can mean the difference between success and failure, or, at least, between immediate success and deferred success.  Many entrepreneurial [...]


Organizational Development

One of the most critical aspects of the CEO role is to focus on organizational development.  That means understanding where the company is headed, what roles need to be filled, how the organization will operate, [...]


Things That Frustrate CEOs About Sales (and Marketing)

Many entrepreneurial CEOs are frustrated by sales (or the lack thereof). And, once they hire a sales resource are often frustrated even more by sales, or lack thereof. Often, these entrepreneurial CEOs come from the [...]


The Product Demonstration

Most organizations rely heavily on the product demonstration to make their case in sales situations. But many organizations treat a product demonstration like a training session versus a true product demonstration.  They often do not [...]

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