Category: Marketing

  • Buyer Fear of Change and Risk

    Many entrepreneurs believe that selling the features, benefits and ROI of their product will be sufficient for their success.  While this is often true, it [...]

  • The Importance of Simplifying Complexity

    If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well - Albert Einstein As an entrepreneur, you are always selling…prospects, customers, employees, [...]

  • Buyers Fear Change and They Hate Risk

    Many entrepreneurs want to disrupt their markets.  They want to revolutionize their industries. They want to provide a radical change in the way a problem [...]

  • Effective Product Launch

    Launching your product is, arguably, the most important function you will undertake with your company.  It can mean the difference between success and failure, or, [...]

  • Things That Frustrate CEOs About Sales (and Marketing)

    Many entrepreneurial CEOs are frustrated by sales (or the lack thereof). And, once they hire a sales resource are often frustrated even more by sales, [...]

  • The Product Demonstration

    Most organizations rely heavily on the product demonstration to make their case in sales situations. But many organizations treat a product demonstration like a training [...]

  • The Value Proposition

    It sounds simple, right?  What is your value proposition?  Yet most companies struggle with this simple concept and can’t properly and easily articulate the value that [...]

  • Metrics That Drive Your Business

    SaaS organizations should strive to be metrics driven.  They should want to understand these metrics and manage their businesses to them.  But there are many [...]

  • Questions That Drive Strategy – How Will You Win in Your Market?

    Having a strategy (how you are going to win in your market) is critical to business success.  Many people struggle with their strategy and often [...]

  • The Partner Portal

    Many organizations wish to have other organizations (partners) sell their product for them. When trying to establish sales or distribution partnerships, it is important to [...]