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  • When Only the Founder/CEO Can Sell the Product

    "Only I can sell my product" Early-stage company growth stalls for many reasons. Many companies falter at the scale stage of development (going [...]

  • Building a Culture of Innovation

    Every entrepreneur wants to be innovative.  But most entrepreneurs try to be innovative in their thinking about their product, but not innovative about their business. [...]

  • Organizational Development

    One of the most critical aspects of the CEO role is to focus on organizational development.  That means understanding where the company is headed, what [...]

  • Things That Frustrate CEOs About Sales (and Marketing)

    Many entrepreneurial CEOs are frustrated by sales (or the lack thereof). And, once they hire a sales resource are often frustrated even more by sales, [...]

  • Evaluating CEO Performance

    Being the CEO of an organization of any size is a complex and difficult job. It is often more difficult to be the CEO of [...]

  • The Investor Mindset

    Let’s suppose that you were an investor with a small $5.0M to invest instead of an entrepreneur looking for money.  And then let’s suppose some [...]

  • CEO Resilience

    People often ask me why I write and talk about CEO errors, mistakes and things that go wrong.  It is because we all make mistakes, [...]

  • Documents All Startups Need

    The CEO job requires (again, requires) some essential administration and the discipline to develop (or have developed) certain base level information to help you run [...]