Using the Blue Ocean Buyer Utility Map

Many entrepreneurs believe that they have Blue Ocean companies and opportunities.  Yet, most have actually never read either of the books “Blue Ocean Strategy” or "Blue Ocean Shift”.  (BTW, I recommend “Blue Ocean Shift” for personal reasons).  And even fewer have properly applied some of the key principles of the books that would better ensure [...]

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Creating A Blue Ocean Sales Approach

Many startup companies invent new markets or approaches to solving existing problems.  In doing so, they need to convince their markets to think differently about this brand-new approach to industry problems.  This is very difficult and requires a non-traditional sales approach.  These opportunities are Blue Ocean opportunities and they require Blue Ocean knowledge, a Blue [...]

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Implementing Blue Ocean Strategy

So, you are a Blue Ocean Strategy company, huh?  Where is your ERRC grid? Where is your Four Action Framework?  Where is your Strategy Canvas?  Where are your known Objections from the market, competitors, investors and even employees?  Where is your 5 Step Blue Ocean Process plan?  Where are the many questions that need to [...]

Implementing Blue Ocean Strategy2019-01-14T16:21:11+00:00


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