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  • The Critical Client Services Function

    Scaling your business requires having strong cross-organizational functions including, sales, marketing, finance, product development and client services.  The client service function is often over-looked by [...]

  • Using the Blue Ocean Buyer Utility Map

    Many entrepreneurs believe that they have Blue Ocean companies and opportunities.  Yet, most have actually never read either of the books “Blue Ocean Strategy” or [...]

  • Arbor Dakota Helps Shopwindow Achieve 300% Growth

    Working through an Ann Arbor SPARK EIR grant, Arbor Dakota helped shopwindow, a SaaS retail company blow out its revenues.  

  • Creating A Blue Ocean Sales Approach

    Many startup companies invent new markets or approaches to solving existing problems.  In doing so, they need to convince their markets to think differently about [...]

  • The Importance of Simplifying Complexity

    If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well - Albert Einstein As an entrepreneur, you are always selling…prospects, customers, employees, [...]

  • Groundspeed Analytics Receives $30M in Series B Funding

    Arbor Dakota customer, Groundspeed Analytics receives series B funding and an outstanding valuation. Learn more

  • Blue Ocean High School Pitch Competition Announces Appointment of Ted Dacko as Executive Director

    Dacko to lead expansion of national program empowering high school entrepreneurs ANN ARBOR, Michigan, June 19, 2018 –Blue Ocean Student Entrepreneurs Corp (BOSE), the organizer [...]