Sales Master Class For Entrepreneurs

Arbor Dakota is pleased and proud to introduce a video series entitled “Sales Master Class For Entrepreneurs”  This series is designed to help start-up Founder/CEOs or sales people who have not sold an entrepreneurial product learn how to successfully their product.  Sales inexperience will severely impede company growth.

Building a product is easy.  Selling that product is the hard part.  And many entrepreneurs don’t understand this and then find themselves struggling with market traction, articulating a value proposition, demonstrating the product, positioning their new product, justifying their price, handling the many objections  that they get and a very low close rate and slow growth.

Read about the sessions below to learn more about this essential course.

What We Offer

Arbor Dakota offers a 15-segment video recorded Sales Master Class series designed to help you attract customers.  These segments were carefully curated and tested with dozens of early-stage company companies.  They will fill in the gaps in your knowledge.  The segments include:

Sales Essentials For Founders since many first-time CEOs struggle with sales in general.  This two-part session will cover the basics of sales and prepare you for the other sessions.

Conducting a Meaningful Discovery Call since you should never prescribe a solution without completely diagnosing a potential customer’s problems.  Most entrepreneurs want to start with a product demonstration.  This is a huge mistake.  Learning to ask the right questions and concisely describing your value proposition is the right way to begin a successful sales process.

Storytelling in Sales since stories resonate with buyers but facts, features and statistics don’t.  This session will help you determine your story and how to get the potential buyer interested and pay attention to you.

Content Marketing  – Getting your value proposition and other materials prepared is essential for sales success.  Too many entrepreneurs put up a web site and think that they are getting their message across.  They are not.  Anyone can build a website.  It’s  the content on the site that is critical.  Developing a complete and compelling content strategy and executing on this is a pre-requisite for sales success

Lead Generation –  Same as above.  Counting on a one-channel lead generation strategy results in the death of an early-satege company.  There are many ways to generate leads and you need multiples of them and you need to know how best to implement them.

Qualifying Buyers since you don’t want to waste your precious time and resources on a person or organization that will never purchase.  There are six different aspects of qualifying buyers and all are essential.  Knowing these and how to use them will save you time and grief and dramatically improve your odds of success.

Sales Presentations That Engage Buyers to make sure that your potential customer gets exactly what then need to help them with their decision.. Many entrepreneurs through a bunch of features on some slides and think that this is a sales presentation.  There is an art to high-quality sales presentations that you need to understand and implement to ensure your success.

Challenger Sales – Most entrepreneurs want to be relationship builders.  Relationship builders make the worst entrepreneurial sales people.  You are new, unproven, with few or maybe no customers.  You need to learn the basics of professionally challenging your buyer in order for you to get the decision criteria and the sales process to match what you offer.  Otherwise, you are going to lose….every time.

Sales Metrics That Matter since sales is a numbers game and understanding conversion rates, Customer Acquisition Cost, Lifetime Value of Customers and other metrics help you better run your company and improve your sales efforts.  Measure what matters in sales.

Pricing Your Product to make sure that you price it in a way that buyers will buy and you will make money. There are many pricing models.  Which makes sense for you? In addition, learning to justify your price is essential to sales success.

Displacing Established Competitors This is hard.  Why would a potential customer want to switch from something that they know and are comfortable with to something new from an unproven vendor, and a start-up at that?  Buyers do not like change and hate risk.  You have to know how to deal with these challenges.  You shiny new features will not do it.  There is a process for beating the big established players.

Partnering For Success Many entrepreneurs go into the partnership process very naively.  Developing a successful partner program takes knowledge and effort.  If you don’t do this correctly, you will not generate new sales or leads.

Sales Operations The care and feeding of your sales people is critical to your success.  Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of hiring a salesperson and leaving them to their own devices (after all, they have been successful before, so they will be successful here).  Not the case.  You need to know how to train, manage and evaluate sales talent.

Conducting a Sales Audit How do you know if you have all the resources that you need for successful sales?  We will help you understand all the materials and processes that need to be in place.  Without this, your sales efforts will simply wander.

This material focuses on early stage companies and offers particular value to “Software as a Service” (SaaS) businesses. We help these companies understand what can go wrong in sales in an early-stage company and how to overcome common obstacles.  We understand that the holy grail to valuation is high growth, profitable companies that have recurring and defensible revenues.

We have combined years of technology experience and knowledge in early stage companies with practical strategies and tools that have proven to create exciting companies with great referenceable customers, outstanding growth rates, and high valuations. We have experienced the “end game” and know how to implement a plan to get from “resource-constrained” to “high growth/profitable”.

We love challenge.


Arbor Dakota Strategies understands that you have precious resources.  Therefore we offer two pricing options for you.  One is a simple $250/session.  The other is a bundled solution of $2,999 for all 15 of the sessions.

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