Reviews of Our eBook Series

We have a subscription to these eBooks for all Ann Arbor SPARK entrepreneurial tenants and bootcamp attendees. These people continuously rave about the content and the helpful tools built into the books. I highly recommend these for use by economic development organizations, university technology transfer offices, and entrepreneurial courses in general.

Bill Mayer, Vice President of Entrepreneurial Services, Ann Arbor SPARK

These eBooks are tremendous. Ted’s consulting is especially helpful. He gets in the zone and to the point. I could not build my company without him.

Gavin Todd, CEO, ShopWindow

I have one word for these books and Ted’s consulting: “pragmatic.” These eBooks are useful and are written in a concise way to help me in my business without me having to take lots of time (which I don’t have). And I always take away something actionable that will directly impact the success of my business.

Christina York, Founder and CEO, SpellBound

If you are an entrepreneur or work for an organization with an entrepreneurial spirit and are looking for an easy to follow, proven path to grow your business into a successful company, I would highly recommend Arbor Dakota’s Business eBook Series on Entrepreneurship! This eBook addresses all the challenges that you will (or currently are) facing in launching, marketing and selling new products ensuring that you have a solid foundation and infrastructure for growing a successful business.

Steven White, Vice President of Sales and Client Services, Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness Services

All of the eBooks created by Ted Dacko of Arbor Dakota are in my permanent tool box. The information each book contains is clear, actionable and practical. They are filled with very useful information that is valuable to anyone building a business. These eBooks help me ask better questions, have better conversations, think more clearly and work more productively on my business.

Don Turner, Founder, Long Walk Partners

Arbor Dakota’s eBooks, combined with the consulting and training services from Ted, have been absolutely essential to the successful launch of our company. Ted has accelerated our progress, helped institute essential best practices. Perhaps most important, Ted has helped us learn from the mistake of others so we can avoid making the same mistakes of other growing companies.

Scott LaVictor

These books were very helpful to us. There is a ton of great content. Thanks.

Sandra Perosi

These eBooks were outstanding. I read and used every one of them. There were useful tools in the books that helped us drive growth in our company. Great job!

Joe Johnson