Evaluating CEO Performance

The focus of this eBook is to provide guidance for grading the performance of the CEO. It is designed to help you think about your performance and provide insights as to how others should and do think about your performance. There are 10 major categories of evaluation of the CEO’s performance that will be covered in this
eBook. We hope that this will help you do a better job as CEO and help your employees and board better evaluate your performance as CEO.


This eBook covers:

  • Introduction
  • Stages of Company Evolution
  • The Three Critical Constituents to CEO Evaluation
  • 10 Quantifiable Criteria For Measuring CEO Performance
  • Grading Performance Using a Scorecard
  • Key CEO Metrics
  • What To Do When The CEO and Board Disagree on Performance
  • Steps To Get Started on CEO Performance Evaluation
  • Common CEO Performance Evaluation Errors
  • 12 Key Responsibilities of the CEO
  • 25 Characteristics of the CEO
  • Questions to Ask Yourself
  • Summary