Category: CEO Development

  • CEO Bundle

    Download all 17 CEO eBooks from CEO Development, Entrepreneurship, and Fund Raising Categories at a greatly reduced price.

  • The Role of the CEO

    12 Must Do Responsibilities of the CEO. This eBook will attempt to help entrepreneurs better understand and appreciate the role of the CEO and identify some blind spots that the entrepreneur may not be aware of.

  • Critical Characteristics of the Early-Stage CEO

    Being the CEO is a tough job in any industry. It is especially difficult if it is your first time and you are running an earlier stage tech organization. Understanding and developing key characteristics can greatly enhance your success, improve your chances of funding and improve the overall value and valuation of your company.

  • Evaluating CEO Performance

    The focus of this eBook is to provide guidance for grading the performance of the CEO. It is designed to help you think about your performance and provide insights as to how others should and do think about your performance. There are 10 major categories of evaluation of the CEO’s performance that will be covered in this eBook. We hope that this will help you do a better job as CEO and help your employees and board better evaluate your performance as CEO.

  • Essentials of Strategy Development

    This eBook will attempt to broaden thinking around strategy development. We will start with some strategy frameworks. We will then focus on 10 underlying strategy concepts to develop in order to help you think through and develop a winning strategy for your business.

  • 25 Considerations For Building Your Business

    When building a company, there are many factors that need to be addressed in order to succeed. These factors range from vision and culture, strategy, sales, finance, marketing, customer acquisition, and product development and launch and seeking investment. This eBook will explore some (but certainly not all) general concepts that entrepreneurs should consider when trying to take “Passion to Profit”.

  • Scaling Your Business

    At some point, most entrepreneurs are forced to make critical decisions on scaling their business. This can come from several different sources including success (or, oddly enough, lack of success), outside pressure from investors, the market or simply the fact that without proper scale, the company lacks value. If you can’t scale, you have a nice “lifestyle” business that lacks both investment and acquisition opportunity.

  • Ten Growth Ideas

    This eBook will explain 10 growth principles that can be applied (if applicable) to an entrepreneurial business without spending much money. It will also explain how and why to apply the principles. This is not an exhaustive list. This is designed to get the entrepreneur to think through different ways to grow their great product ideas into great companies as opposed to plodding along.

  • Key SaaS Metrics

    This eBook will attempt to explain and explore some critical SaaS metrics to help entrepreneurs create more value for their business, create more valuable leads, shorten the sales cycle, increase the win rate and better understand the overall health of key aspects of the business.

  • Five Key Priorities of B2B Companies

    This eBook will explore five business priorities and help you with specific ideas on how to execute on each. As an entrepreneur, you probably often wonder about what your priorities should be in order to successfully build your business. Focusing on what matters is important.

  • Utilizing a Consultant to Help Grow Your Business

    This eBook will explore general concepts that entrepreneurs should consider in selecting and working with a consultant.

  • Mentors – Selecting the Right Guide for the Journey

    This eBook will explore general concepts that entrepreneurs should consider in selecting and working with a mentor. We will explore the mentor relationship and provide recommendations on choosing wisely based on your needs.

  • Startup Boards

    This eBook will explore general concepts that entrepreneurs should consider in selecting and working with a mentor. We will explore the mentor relationship and provide guidance on choosing wisely based on your needs.

  • Working With Your Board

    This eBook will focus on how to work well with a board of directors. Obviously, board dynamics are unique to any given situation based on the experience of both the CEO and the individual board members. However, we will try to focus on areas that are reasonably common from situation to situation.