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Case Studies

Here is a sampling of five case studies of clients that we have assisted.

Case Study: A software company had been in business for a few years. It had a handful of customers but the company had not yet achieved the accelerated growth that was expected by the founders and the investors. Arbor Dakota helped the company better disrupt the existing market, carve out a defensible market position and better train the sales force on market messaging, sales cycle discipline, qualification and case study (reference) development. This resulted in quicker market acceptance and dramatically improved revenues.

Case Study: An established software company was about to hire a Chief Revenue Officer. The company wanted to build a plan to hire, on-board, train and evaluate this critical positon. Arbor Dakota handled this critical function to help ensure the success of the CRO. Metrics were established and the CEO, board and the CRO had a clear understanding of high level goals and an operational plan to achieve those goals.

Case Study: A software company wanted to establish a distribution partnership program. Arbor Dakota was brought in to develop the overall framework of the partner program as well as the on-boarding and training plan for the new partner sales organizations to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness thus providing stronger revenue streams earlier.

Case Study: A venture capital firm wanted to establish clear and concise metrics for evaluating CEO performance. Arbor Dakota built and implemented a CEO evaluation program with the CEO and the board so that performance criteria were agreed-upon, well-understood and measured at each board meeting. This resulted in improved company success.

Case Study: A software company wanted to build a Blue Ocean Strategy to attack its market. Arbor Dakota worked with the company on a plan to build, communicate and implement the Blue Ocean Strategy resulting in dramatically improved company performance.

Past Projects

Partial listing of successfully completed projects.

  • Strategy development
    Blue Ocean Strategy, Crossing the Chasm Strategy, and Competitive Strategy development. This translates into – How are we going to “win” against established, fierce and better funded competitors
  • CEO skill development (both startup and growth level)
  • Innovation Development
  • Public speaking on a variety of strategy development, entrepreneurial, innovation or health care topics
  • Establishing CEO performance criteria
  • Effective board communications and management
  • Establishing a distribution partner program
  • Hiring and onboarding a Chief Revenue Officer
  • New market development/Launch strategies
  • Identifying and implementing growth accelerators
  • Building market disruption plans
  • How to make the company look bigger than it is
  • Building an exciting brand
  • Competitive positioning, analysis and intelligence
  • Implementing a high growth, profitable, recurring and defensible SaaS business
  • Sales cycle/process development
  • Building high growth, profitability and recurring and defensible revenue plans
  • Pricing analysis and implementation
  • Improving sales forecasting and metrics
  • Message training for sales force
  • Creating total company innovation
  • Implementing total company innovation
  • Case study development that will eliminate objections and drive business
  • Objection planning (What are the key cognitive, motivational, resource and political objections that we will encounter from our market and how and when to address them in our sales process)
  • Customer research to determine precisely why and how customers bought the product
  • Building effective sales presentations
  • Building effective investor pitch decks
  • How to build and implement effective webinars, customer conferences, customer newsletters and an overall market communications strategy.
  • Business or financing plan development