Ted Dacko in the News

Ted Dacko Named Global Blue Ocean Leadership Award Winner for 2022

Five years ago, in 2017, the idea for the Global Blue Ocean Leadership Awards was born. The aim was to create an award given out every five years that would recognize and shine a light on individuals who have led and fostered the creation of blue oceans that have made a meaningful difference and could offer hope and inspiration to the world. 2022 marks the second Global Blue Ocean Leadership Awards. [...]

Arbor Dakota Conducts Webinar for Ann Arbor SPARK

On Wednesday, April 22 Ted Dacko of Arbor Dakota conducted a webinar for and sponsored by Ann Arbor SPARK, entitled "15 Things That You Can Do in the Next 90 Days".  The webinar was for early stage companies trying to make concrete plans for their business during the current COVID-19 crisis.

Arbor Dakota Conducts 2 Webinars for Entrepreneurs

Arbor Dakota conducted 2 webinars, one for The Desai Institute on March 30, 2020 and another for Ann Arbor SPARK on April 15, 2020 entitled "Decision Making in Tough Times".  These webinars drew on the extensive background and experiences  of President Ted Dacko who has led multiple companies through challenging times.

Arbor Dakota Helps Shopwindow Achieve 300% Growth

Working through an Ann Arbor SPARK EIR grant, Arbor Dakota helped shopwindow, a SaaS retail company blow out its revenues. https://annarborusa.org/news/executive-in-residence-program-helps-ann-arbor-startups-excel/  

Videos and Podcasts

University of Michigan Entrepreneur Hour with Ted Dacko

Ted Dacko interviewed by Health Hero (iTunes Podcast)

Episode 5- Talking personalization in blue ocean strategy and health outcomes with Ted Dacko

Check out this parody where Ted Dacko and the Founder of HealthMedia, Vic Strecher, do a spoof on the CEO/Founder relationship. While you may not get all of the subtle parts of the video, it will help you better understand the relationship between a Founder and a CEO. It is funny.