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Implementing Blue Ocean

Many early-stage companies claim to be Blue Ocean companies.  But, do they actually go through the process outlined in the books?  Probably not.  For instance, have you built the 4 quadrant matrix? Have you built the Strategy Canvas?  Have you prepared for common objections that you will get from employees, investors, competitor and customers?

Blue Ocean concepts, like all strategy frameworks, require strategy development, communication and execution. Many organizations struggle with one or more of these elements.

Arbor Dakota has developed a complete service offering around the principles of Blue Ocean Strategy and Blue Ocean Shift. We can help you practically implement the Blue Ocean concepts rather than have you simply claim Blue Ocean status, but not execute on it.  We also do public speaking on the Blue Ocean concepts.  This work has evolved from successfully implementing these principles at various companies of various size through the United States. One of these implementations resulted in the authors featuring HealthMedia in the book “Blue Ocean Shift“.  The authors, themselves, recognized our work and expertise in this area.  See their quote below.  Get you organizational to the next level.

Below is an outline of our Blue Ocean Offering:

  • What is Blue Ocean?
  • What is the mindset of a Blue Ocean strategist, sales person and marketing person?
  • What are the steps involved in implementing Blue Ocean framework?
  • What is the ERRC Grid and Strategy Canvas?
  • What are the questions that you need to answer to develop a Blue Ocean Strategy for your business and then implement it?
  • What is the Buyer Utility Map and how do we use it?
  • What are the Three-tiers of Non-customers and how do we identify them?
  • What is the Six-Path Framework and how does it apply to us?
  • Which all leads to developing the Blue Ocean Strategy and the ERRC Grid and Strategy Canvas for your business
  • What are the common objections that you will get from employees, customers, potential customers and partners?
  • How do we develop product, marketing, sales and finance plans to support the strategy?
  • And finally, how do we most effectively communicate the strategy to employees, board members, customers, prospects, partners?

We’re proud to have Ted Dacko’s application of the blue ocean process featured in our book Blue Ocean Shift. As CEO, Ted shifted HealthMedia from the red to the blue ocean, transforming the struggling $6 million dollar company to one worth $185 million in just two years. We wish more companies in the technology and healthcare sectors would follow this lead. Three cheers to Ted

W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, Authors of Blue Ocean Shift and the international bestseller Blue Ocean Strategy
Blue Ocean Shift

Through a carefully developed structured process, we can help companies think through and develop Blue Ocean principles, properly communicate these principles to employees, customers, the market and industry influencers and then help the organization devise the right metrics and execution plans to ensure success.

This is a formalized process with critical questions that need to be asked and answered along the way and concrete metrics to measure success.  We also help you prepare for objections you may get, help you test your strategy and prepare you for potential competitive responses.

Learn how to pragmatically implement Blue Ocean concepts into your organization and create uncontested marketplaces, dramatically improve your revenues and market opportunity.

Here is the five-point framework from the Blue Ocean Shift book:

Blue Ocean Strategy

But here is what they mean:

1. Choosing the right time and place to start and constructing the right Blue Ocean team for the initiative
2. Getting clear about the current state of the business
3. Uncovering the hidden pain points that limit the current size of the industry and discovering an ocean of non-customers
4. Systematically reconstructing market boundaries and developing alternative Blue Ocean opportunities
5. Selecting the right Blue Ocean move, conducting rapid market tests, finalizing and launching the shift with the right tactics and metrics and accountability

But the “Shift” in Blue Ocean Shift means shifting your mindset. We help you do that.

Having applied the concepts in a number of organizations helps us to help you elevate your organization to another level.

Below is a quote from the author’s book promotion marketing collateral:

How Ted Dacko, the CEO of Ann Arbor-based HealthMedia, set out to apply the blue ocean approach and tools to the company, which at the time had a mere $6 million in sales. The result: HealthMedia created the new market space of digital health coaching, and in two short years was sold to Johnson & Johnson for $185 million.

Contact us to learn how we can walk your organization through the Blue Ocean concepts and create uncontested market spaces.

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