CEO Master Class For Entrepreneurs

Arbor Dakota is pleased and proud to introduce a video series entitled “CEO Master Class For Entrepreneurs”  This series is designed to help start-up Founder/CEOs learn to build a company around their product.  The lack of experience in building a company is the number one reason for start-up failure or lack of growth.

Building a product is easy.  Building a company around that product is the hard part.  And many entrepreneurs don’t understand this and then find themselves struggling with market traction, attracting talent and investment, and the day-to-day challenges of being an early-stage Founder/CEO.

Watxh the video to learn more about this essential course.

What We Offer

Arbor Dakota offers a 10-segment video recorded CEO Master Class series designed to improve your chances of success.  These segments were carefully curated and tested with dozens of early-stage company CEO/Founders.  They will fill in the gaps in your knowledge.  The segments include:

The Role of the CEO since many first-time CEOs struggle with the role itself.  They tend to migrate back to a product development role instead of a company development role.  This session will discuss the evolutionary role of the CEO and help you understand how CEOs should be evaluated

Purpose, Vision, Values, Culture and Brand which are important for attracting and keeping employees, investors and customers

Leadership and Management the differences and how to become a more effective leader

Strategy Development and Execution, using the concepts of the aforementioned Blue Ocean Strategy

Measuring What Matters which covers how to determine the metrics that drive value in your business and how to hold people accountable for those metrics.  We will use the concept of OKRs (Objectives and Key Results which is how Google runs the company

Board Organization and Management since most entrepreneurs have never worked with a board before and don’t fully appreciate the dynamics.  If you are going to get investors, you ar going to have a board.  You must know how to properly work with a board.

Utilizing Mentors to help build your company. Mentors are precious.  Finding, keeping and working effectively with a mentor can dramatically improve your chances of success.

Personnel Issues like hiring, onboarding, evaluating, compensating and even firing employees.  You can’t build a team without people.  You can’t have people without challenges.

Decision Making since making effective decisions in the appropriate timeframe is essential for CEOs. We will show various decision making models and biases that can impede decisions.

Fundraising Basics to help prepare you for the reality of raising money from investors. This is a critical component of the job that first-time CEOs often get wrong

This material focuses on early stage companies and offers particular value to “Software as a Service” (SaaS) businesses. We help these companies understand what can go wrong in an early-stage company and how to overcome common obstacles.  We understand that the holy grail to valuation is high growth, profitable companies that have recurring and defensible revenues.

We have combined years of technology experience and knowledge in early stage companies with practical strategies and tools that have proven to create exciting companies with great referenceable customers, outstanding growth rates, and high valuations. We have experienced the “end game” and know how to implement a plan to get from “resource-constrained” to “high growth/profitable”.

We love challenge.


Arbor Dakota Strategies understands that you have precious resources.  Therefore we offer two pricing options for you.  One is a simple $250/session.  The other is a bundled solution of $1,999 for all 10 of the sessions.

Please contact us at to learn how to access the sessions.