December 16, 2018

10 New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Performance in 2019

The New Year is approaching.  It’s time for New Year’s resolutions.  This applies to personal as well as company resolutions.  Here are 10 New Year’s resolutions that will definitively positively impact your company in 2019.  It’s up to you.

Repeat after me.

I will commit to:

  1. Continuous learning.  Be a better leader and be a better CEO
  2. Building a strategy for my company including building and using a Blue Ocean Strategy Canvas
  3. Getting better at sales and learning to scale sales
  4. Setting clear, concise, compelling and continuous marketing messages
  5. Setting metrics and holding people accountable for results
  6. Establishing an effective and comprehensive product launch plan
  7. Building a comprehensive 5-year financial model, a 2019 revenue and expense budget and then report monthly actuals against the budget on a current month and year-to-date basis
  8. Forecasting and measuring lead conversion rates and time frames for steps in our sales process and doing a better job of sales forecasting
  9. Keeping my website fresh with clear and defensible messaging outlining our ideal customer profile
  10. Building effective multi-faceted tactical lead generation campaigns (outbound and inbound)

Contact Arbor Dakota with help in setting and achieving your New Year’s resolutions.  Grow your great idea into a great company.  People are counting on you.