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Many entrepreneurs and companies have great ideas. But growing those great ideas into great companies is more complex than it appears. Customers do not flock to you because you have a great idea. Arbor Dakota helps you grow that great idea into a great company…the hard part of entrepreneurship.

We specialize in helping early stage tech companies with developing uncontested markets, sharpening their message and presence, improving their sales discipline and achieving the growth that they, and their investors desire.  We also help them better understand the metrics that drive valuation, improve the probability of funding (or even eliminate the need for funding) and reducing the amount of mistakes that they make (and there are many). We combine creativity with experience with hard work to achieve results that will not disappoint. We love the dirty, messy, ugly process of early stage company development. And, if you want, we will work side-by-side with you and actually pitch in and do the work.  We’re hands-on, not just advice from afar.  

And, we help fill the gaps that cause you to lose revenue.  

Services include:

Consulting  – Blue Ocean Strategy and Blue Ocean Shift, market messaging and lead generation, developing OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), sales process, financial reporting, attracting investors and overall business and company-building consulting – See Solution Packages Page in the left Navigation bar
CEO Development  – It is not easy for founders to evolve from Founder-CEO to Early Customer Acquisition-CEO to Scale-CEO.  Arbor Dakota offers a methodology and set of tools to help CEOs through these transition phases to help ensure maximize growth potential for the company.
Mentoring – Helping entrepreneurs through the journey to help overcome the many obstacles in their path
Training and Content  – We offer a range of training programs and content on a variety of entrepreneurial topics including sales, messaging, on-boarding employees, implementing a partner program, lead generation, strategy development, board development and management and many more..) – See Training Courses, TEDD Talks and eBooks Pages in the left Navigation bar
Board Development and Relations – Helping CEOs learn how to select board members and manage through board issues.  We also serve on boards of early-stage companies.  Learning to effectively use your board can be one of the most challenging, but financially rewarding issues in your CEO journey.
Public Speaking  – Speaking on a variety of either entrepreneurial, strategy or innovation topics.  Arbor Dakota has done speaking to company personnel populations as small as 35 people to large conferences of 2,500 people.

Customers include tech companies ranging in size from $0 revenue to $50M in revenue, economic development organizations, university technology transfer offices, incubators, accelerators and VC firms (for portfolio companies).

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What Others Are Saying

“We’re proud to have Ted Dacko’s application of the blue ocean process featured in our book Blue Ocean Shift.   As CEO, Ted shifted HealthMedia from the red to the blue ocean,  transforming the struggling $6 million dollar company to one worth $185 million in just two years.   We wish more companies in the technology and healthcare sectors would follow this lead.   Three cheers to Ted!”

“Ted’s content, training classes and mentoring have been invaluable to help Ann Arbor SPARK tech companies launch and scale.  His content is well-received, his classes are full and get great reviews and there is constant demand for his consulting services.”

Bill Mayer, Vice President Entrepreneurial Services, Ann Arbor SPARK

“Without Ted, I would have never moved HealthMedia beyond a science fair project. His marketing expertise, sales expertise, organizational expertise and operational expertise are the best I have ever seen. He is a brilliant business mind and it has always been a pleasure to work with him.” from 2008 Deals of the Year Speech

Vic Strecher, Founder, HealthMedia